Who Can Take Online Classes on the CSEC Campus?

You must be an adult age 18 or older and agree to our terms and conditions. You must register for a free learner account before enrolling in your first class.  

How Do I Take an Online Class?

1. Find the class that interests you and click "Add to Cart." 

2. If this is your first class at CSEC, you'll be asked to register for a new account before proceeding with registration. If you already have a CSEC learner account, enter your credentials during checkout. 

3. Follow the confirmation and payment instructions. You will be admitted to the class.

4. Go to the "Campus" tab, log in if necessary, and click the course name under "My Courses"to enter the classroom. 

What Equipment Do I Need?

All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, a standard web browser, and sound. Individual instructors may have additional requirements.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended for attending live webinars and online events.

Optional for live webinars: A webcam, PC microphone/headset, or mobile phone to participate by voice or video.

What Are Classes Like?

Instructors design their own classes so each one is different, but they generally contain at least two of the following:

  •     Recorded web classes or video lessons
  •     Reading material, slides, graphics, video, web links, and other supplemental resources
  •     Home exercises or assignments
  •     Class discussion forums
  •     Live text chat sessions
  •     Live web classes (webinars)
  •     Quizzes
  •     Direct communication with the instructor   

See the course description or contact the instructor for additional information.

Who Are the Instructors and Coaches?

The people and organizations offering classes and other educational services through Creative Sexuality are independent educators presenting their own material through the CSEC virtual campus.

While we attempt to screen instructors before inviting them to offer courses through CSEC (criteria include subject matter expertise, teaching experience, and dedication to sex-positive education), instructors are solely responsible for the quality, content, and use of their courses.

Are you an established sexuality educator interested in teaching your classes online on the CSEC campus? Learn more. 

How Can I Control My Privacy in Class?

The degree of privacy depends on how you set up your learner profile.  Please edit your profile to change how your name is displayed and restrict who can see your e-mail address and other information. We suggest that you hide your e-mail address from everyone and use the campus messaging system to communicate with your classmates and instructor.

Be aware that many live sessions are recorded for use in future classes.  If you have concerns about your privacy when participating in a live or recorded session, please speak with the instructor in advance. More information is contained in our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Can I Get Private or Group Coaching Online?

Many of the experts teaching online through the Creative Sexuality campus do offer virtual coaching (private and groups) and other services. Please contact the instructor directly for information.

{slider Is There a Guarantee?}
Most sex educators teaching their online courses on the Creative Sexuality virtual campus provide a satisfaction guarantee. Check the course description or contact the instructor for details. Please note that courses on the CSEC online campus are offered by the instructor, not by CSEC.

What Can You Do for Nonprofits, Educational Organizations, or Event Organizers?

If you represent a nonprofit or educational organization, why limit your potential students or audience to one geographic area? We can help you sponsor online programs or special presentations that allow you to invite participants from anywhere in the world.
Event organizers can sell access to live or recorded webcasts of live workshops. Or consider using the CS campus to give promotional presentations or create communities before or after your event.

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