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Jean Marie Stine has worked in the adult publishing industry off and on for more than three decades (with breaks to work for mainstream publishers like Houghton-Mifflin, St. Martin's, and Penguin), beginning with three of the pioneer companies: American Art, Golden State News, and Eros Goldstripe.

She is currently the president of the erotic ebook publishing company Sizzler Editions, which issues adult novels and short story collections for every sexual taste and orientation.Sizzler Editions titles are distributed through its own site as well as the Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and other leading online ebook stores.

Books and Accomplishments

Jean Marie's first novel, the erotic transgender futuristic epic Season of the Witch, is now considered a classic in all three fields and has been reprinted five times. A movie version (sans sex) was filmed in 1995 as Synapse (in the U.K. titled Memory Run). Other erotic literature from her keyboard includes Thrill City, a pioneering work of noir erotica, and the collection, Trans-Sexual: Erotica for Gender Queers. Under the pseudonym Sibley Whyte, she directed over 100 soft core loops in the 1970s, one or two of which have surfaced recently in period filmic anthologies on DVD.

Jean Marie has now over a decade under her belt as publisher of Sizzler Editions. During that tenure, she has edited and published over 1,300 erotic novels in a broad range of genres including erotic romance, bondage, several flavors of LGBTQ and hetero, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, how-to, suspense, and many more.

Outside the adult market, her nonfiction books–like Double Your Brain Power: How to Use All of Your Brain All of the Time, Writing Successful Self-Help and How-To Books, and Empower Your Life with Runes—have been published by John Wiley, Prentice-Hall, Putnam, and other leading companies, and four have been selections of the Book-of-the-Month and Rodale book clubs.

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